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Trim the trees in your landscape for their better health and vigor. Through trimming, you are addressing the tree’s health and aesthetic You will eliminate dead branches…


Maintaining your yard is not an easy task. Luckily, you can count on Claudio’s Landscaping to help you keep your landscape in pristine conditions. Claudio’s Landscaping…


We prepare the soil and proceed to gardening. The best gardening solutions in the area come from Claudio’s Landscaping. Our expert gardeners are known for their green…

Landscape Services Edinburg, TX

Welcome to Claudio’s Landscaping; a company that is focused in offering exceptional landscaping services to residential and commercial clients. Our specialists aim to achieve green and healthy outdoors for your satisfaction. We are responsible, professional, and attentive to details.

Our specialists know everything about the cultivation, management, and development of your trees and other plants. We are highly qualified, skilled, and experienced to take over your landscaping projects. Claudio’s Landscaping works hard and diligently to achieve the garden you have always envisioned.

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Sprinkler repairs are also available.
Landscape Services Edinburg, TX


Mulching is a very necessary process for the upkeep of a landscape. More so, mulching allows for you to maintain a landscape that thrives. Through mulching you…

Landscape Services RGV


Design the ideal landscape. You can make your property stand out from the rest of the neighborhood with a landscape design that meets…

Landscape Services in RGV


Plant beautiful trees, flowers, and all sorts of plants in your landscape. Claudio’s Landscaping works with high class equipment, backed by experts…

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